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2017 Senior Squad > Jacqueline Foster


DOB: 1975
Hometown: Bridgetown, NS
Profession: Communications
Home Club: Wanderers LBC, Bridgetown LBC
Years in National Program: 8
Bowls Used: Taylor Ace Redline SR


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  • Notable Accomplishments
  • Fun Facts

Notable Bowls Accomplishments

  • 2017 - Multi-Nations
  • 2016 - World Bowls
  • 2014 - Commonwealth Games

  • 2012 - World Bowls
  • 2011 - Asia Pacific Games (Bronze medal)

Fun Facts


Who is your favourite athlete?

Hard to pick one, but Steve Yzerman stands out (and I’m not a Red Wings fan!). The Hockey Hall of Famer earned a reputation of not just being a great leader and competitor, but a real gentleman.

What is your favourite bowls memory?

There are a couple.  Winning my first provincial title  with my mom and sister, earning the right to compete at the Canadian Championships together. On the international stage, walking into the stadium with the rest of Team Canada, during the opening ceremonies at my first Commonwealth Games.

How were you introduced to the sport of bowls?

My mom, who was introduced by my grandfather

How would your best friend describe you in three words?

Loyal, thoughtful, honest

What motivates you to succeed?

My desire to continue to learn, grow and challenge myself.  Along with the belief we can always be better.



Jacqueline Foster Jacqueline Foster Jacqueline Foster